The Best Motorcycle Sidecar


If you're going to ride in a sidecar why not make it a really cool sidecar? I bet that's what Francois Knorreck said to himself when he started working on this unique motorcycle-car, 10 years ago. That's right it took him 10 years and $20,000 to complete this masterpiece he calls the Snaefell. He used a Laverda motorcycle and put together the car using whatever parts he got his hands on. Great effort, this crazy project is right up there with the 1967 Mustang Trike. MathiPhotos team collecting beautiful and very rare Photos. If you want to watch more Photos Click on See more.. Please check it out all post like Art, babies photos, nature photos, photography, animals photos, painting photos, High speed photography,Beautiful Candle Photos, Animated Photos, God images, Flower Images, Love Images and more.... If you like anything just give a comment to encourage our team.. Thank you


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