Electric Cigarette!!


What is the Electric Cigarette? The electric cigarette, also know as an electronic cigarette, e-cigarette, or e-cig is basically a device that mimics the actions of a real cigarette. There are four main components: an indicator light a battery an atomizer a cartridge The indicator light is found at the end of the battery. Made to resemble a flame, it glows as the consumer takes a puff, flashes when the smoker inhales too many times in a short period, and flashes to indicate when the battery is charging. The battery itself powers the e-cigarette, looks or blends in as part of the smoking device, and is rechargeable. An atomizer screws into the battery and is the "engine" behind the machine. The atomizer is responsible for creating a vapor that looks like smoke, and creates the delivery of sensations that smokers recieve from traditional cigarettes. Finally, the cartridge. The cartridge is a simple mouthpiece which contains the elements which convince the smoker they are smoking. In reality, there is no smoke.


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